Canada Goose: Canada’s national pride, Putin said

In faraway Canada, long and cold winter chilling, ice, thousands of miles of snow and magnificent poetry will really appear in their real life, dozens of degrees below zero, cold and up to two meters of snow will be the Canada Winter routine. In the cold and boring in the winter, accompanied by Canada’s daily life, in addition to Tim Horton coffee shops are everywhere on the street, there is winter and almost everyone on the streets with a Canada Goose jacket toronto. It gave the overall impression is a single style, color dull, but this is a seemingly Canada goose Sale ordinary coat may be the Canada national pride in the heart.

Every winter, when the first wind from distant North Pole when you are ready, throughout Canada will both do the same thing–to carry out the pressure at the bottom of the Canada Goose. If you walk in Canada the winter streets, you will find: running down the street, smoking in the corner, eating dinner, and even those who emerged from the car, all wearing “Canada Goose” winter clothing. As 4 times the dog sled champion Lance Mackey said, “If there is” Canada Goose “, how can we survive a colder winter maybe a year after year it? “In Canada’s view, if a person is not a Canada Goose kensington parka women, then that person is truly behind the times, the margins of society, because the whole society in wearing it, this simple winter is hosted by an entire nation proud and confident, even in the face of cold winter weather without fear!

Not only in Canada, in the same cold snap and Blizzard took turns ravaging Russia, it also has many loyal fans, Russia President Vladimir Putin is one of them. This often Cheap Canada goose appears as a tough guy image in people’s view of the President, often made to let you unthinkable things, driving fighters, driving an F1 car, the mountains hunting and so on, but when Russia after being a field covered with snow in winter, appeared outside of the tough President who always wore one printed with the Canada Goose jacket winter. Mr Putin likes to the jacket is nothing new, as President of a national sentiment strong, for a foreign brand showed strong interest, Canada goose Online does have its own unique place.


These jackets are often out of stock. Downtown Ottawa travel and outdoor appliances, store manager of the Expedition Shoppe Boyce (Greg Boyce), shop discount Canada Goose inventories have not much more popular styles and colors will be sold out soon. He said: “the Canada Goose kensington parka women navy is too popular, generally we can the rest of the hat without Terry, short coats and jackets, there are a few light and unusual sizes, but quickly sold out. ”

Canada Goose, was founded in 1957, while in the decades after the establishment of the time business was good, but it’s really something onto the international stage in the past more than 10 years. 90, Dani Reiss, is the founder’s grandson, David’s son appointed CEO of Canada Goose, began to carry forward this brand of half a century. Excellent quality already in Canada to test all kinds of severe winter weather, and the current President of Les integrating the brand into more pop and fashion design, brand outside of the hardy and reliable within the meaning of the Canada Goose, a dash of edgy fashion taste. Such as David Beckham, this Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, a large number of stars become the Canada Goose brand fans, cheap Canada Goose jacket was more fashionable in the public eye.

Today, this is known as Canada national treasure luxury brand brand known by more and more people, and also has a group of fans in China, and wide dissemination of this brand will no doubt Canada’s culture to the world, is for Canada to establish a good brand image.

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