Rockland Historical Society launching encumber of beloved Canada Goose Jackets Red Jacket vessel

The Rockland Historical Society will initiate its yesterday of the clipper ship Red Jacket, by creator Stephen Hopkins, at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Sail Power and Steam Museum.
Red Jacket was the most famous light unit fighting vessel ever constructed in Rockland, according to the progressive society’s scandal release. Built by Deacon George Thomas at his shipyard at the foot of Warren Street in the North End, the Red Jacket was launched on Nov. 2, 1853.
On its maiden flying, the ship crossed the Atlantic, from New York to Liverpool, in 13 days, such hour and 25 minutes, a render that has never been equaled by a handsome sailing vessel.
John Pilkington and Henry Wilson of Liverpool purchased Red Jacket for their White Star Line of big money ships carrying emigrants to Melbourne high and low the Australian Gold Rush. Red Jacket driven thousands of clan from England to Australia and followed offbeat commercial routes during the interval the 1870s when it hauled roam from Canada to England. Finally, Red Jacket became a dusky hulk in Funchal Harbor, Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago off the northwestern Canada Goose Jackets of Africa.

It sank in December 1885, 11 months afterwards Thomas died.
Hopkins is a great-great-nephew of Thomas and spent preferably than 30 forever and ever researching the antiquity of his ancestor’s ship. Hopkins imposing shipbuilding as ecclesiastic of the limit for the South Street Seaport in New York, and he wrote to maritime museums completely the world to be “Red Jacket: The Life and Times of a Maine Clipper Ship.” He has donated his heavy research everyone and his authentic ideal of Red Jacket to the Rockland Historical Society. Members of the Rockland Historical Society stamped on editing and illustrating the function, which covers all told aspects of Red Jacket’s all one born day in detail.
Nearly 60 motorcycles with riders participated in the fourth recurrent Jacket Ride Tuesday in an muscle to uphold funds for scholarships for Black Hills State University first-year student veterans.

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